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Submittal Sheet, Installation & Operation Manuals For LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV

Currently no manuals available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

How to choose the right Ductless Mini Split AC Heat, will LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV work for me?

Use our automated tool that will help determine btu's need based on size and other variable factors that effect heating and cooling of a room.

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What would it cost to repair LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV

If you are looking for HVAC Tech & AC Contractors that serve in and around Mesquite for installation, repair and service, here are some proficient consultants in your area:

Average cost to repair LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV - Solar Powered Air Conditioner :

Depending on the issue you are having with LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV (whether its low on refrigerant or if the compressor quit working for example), it can range from $50 service call to $500 on repair cost.

Typical cost to install LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV - HVAC AC & Heat Pumps :

Based on your geographical location and depending upon how many contractors in town are competing for your job, this can typically range from $500- $1100 per room basis.

Cost of Maintenance for LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV :

Typically maintenance cost on LA-090HYV LAN-090HYV LAU-090HYV is minimal, it may only need cleaning on monthly basis. Unless you need air filters that can range from $10-$100 in some cases depending upon brand and availibility.

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8,922 Reviews
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5-star Homeowner Oct 14, 2016

eComfort is very a professional company. They answered all questions quickly and thoroughly. The product was delivered incredibly fast. The quality of the product is exceptional. It is solid, streamlined, very well crafted and very easy to install. It was used to replace a standard baseboard unit at the end of a run in a room that was consistently 10-20 degrees colder than the rest of the house in the winter. When the system was tested after install, the difference was immediately... more

Danny Mc Gregor
5-star Thank You For Friendly Service Apr 10, 2016

Thank you, good product!

5-star Nice & Slick Jul 10, 2016

Great heat and beautiful look.

5-star Fgc 6xl, 483 Cfm Sep 26, 2016

One fan, and A coil is not freezing up has run from 6 am till now -- 7:30pm at 93 degrees outside temp---- other two should be coming to their new home soon

5-star Good Purchase Aug 12, 2016

Love the color! Very helpful customer service

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